Jan 20, 2017

How big data and analytics are fuelling the IoT revolution

Transcribed from source: http://www.information-age.com/big-data-analytics-fuelling-iot-revolution-123464081/

The importance of data and analytics to the adoption of IoT can't be underestimated. The IoT revolution will see a surge in the practical uses of IoT and how these can fuel its use in industrial trades, motoring and more.

IoT data is also revolutionising the wider motoring industry. Modern systems can constantly monitor the efficiency of the braking system, algorithms can predict the wear of the pads, and alerts can notify the manufacturer if their performance deviates from the optimal model

Data and analytics are increasingly fuelling the adoption of connected devices and the Internet of Things. But for businesses to succeed in unlocking the potential of this trend it is vital they understand, monitor and measure the mass of data being created.

A good example of this in practice is video camera manufacturer GoPro. The company is using data from its products to make business decisions that improve the customer experience and pinpoint gaps in the market.

Rather than presuming customers use products in a certain way, GoPro turned to its event processing and analytics clusters to cut through the mass of data and identify how users valued its cameras for photographs as well as video.This has led to a range of innovations and new features to help manage and curate photographs.

Many organisations have realised the value of storing and managing their data, but are struggling to find opportunities to deliver value. This is a vital lesson for businesses to use the data they have available to benefit their customers and encourage innovation in the products and services they offer.

It also highlights the need for businesses to economically store their data, govern its use and generate more value and insight outside of the lab or pilot.

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